Famiglia Borney angoli di paradiso Cogne

Borney Family: the atmosphere of life

Love, peace, serenity, joy, nature...

Rodolfo is a physiotherapist, osteopath, mountain guide and national ski instructor. He likes practicing alpine sports, traveling and being with his family.

Silvia is fond of meditation, nature, art, wisdom and love in all its manifestations.

Sophie is a contemporary dancer who brings joy wherever she is present. She likes traveling  and spending time with her many friends around the world.



Discreet and generous, Cogne provides solace, as shown by the name of its greatest mountain in the background, the Gran Paradiso, a paradise in name and in fact.

Woods, glaciers, prairies and waterfalls make it one of the pearls of the Alps.
It is home to mountaineers, climbers, cross-country skiers and artists of all kinds.
Its inhabitants prefer peace to worldliness, and they are fond of a sustainable economy rooted in small family businesses based on passion and work.
Cogne is proud to be protected by the Grand Paradiso National Park which preserves the balance of flora and fauna and ensures that man does not take too much power.
Our village has been defined as the Little European Tibet because the timeless charm and the mountains that surround it are in fact reminiscent of the Land of Snows, as demonstrated by the numerous Tibetan flags on balconies that underline the value of an often forgotten sacredness.
Cogne angoli di paradiso bianco e nero

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Michela Fulvio Daria e Livia Cogne Angoli di Paradiso

“Here we really feel at home!”

Michela Fulvio Daria e Livia

“In the hermitage you can breathe peace and love in every single detail. I can't wait to return.”

Giorgio e Enrica - piccolo Paradiso Cogne

“For us the Little Paradise is Paradise ... it cannot be described, you have to live it!”

Giorgio & Enrica

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